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Squidoo Glossary

There are terms that are unique to Squidoo that I use a lot in my posts. If you want a quick way to know what is being referenced, this is a short glossary.
  • Lens, a short webpage made up of modules
  • Modules, ready-made partitions of the page, created to add amazon products, text, comments, polls, and many other components.
  • WIP list is the "Works in Progress" lenses which are unfinished or not deemed worthwhile for publishing. They are not featured on the Squidoo site. All new lenses start out as WIP lenses.
  • Purple Star is an award for high quality lenses. It is given to a limited number of lenses that are deemed worthy of this praise. More about purple star awards.
  • LOTD is the "Lens of the Day" which means that that lens gets featured sitewide on Squidoo for one day. It is a great honor, and is for interesting well made lenses that represent Squidoo goodness. You don't have to be a longstanding member to qualify- just nominated and chosen.
  • Giant Squid is a lensmaster honor. You must make a minimum of 25 lenses of sufficiently good quality to qualify for the first level. There are levels that range from the basic 25, on up, and each level requires a request submitted. It is like a happy lensmaster club of dedicated writers.
  • Lensrank is a rating that Squidoo gives your lenses which relate to popularity and other factors including purchases and clicks, and community interaction with your lens. The lower the number the better the ranking. Income shared levels is based on rank.
  • Tiers, Top tier, etc has to do with divisions of lensrank and payout of income.
  • Filters the means by which Squidoo separates bad lens practices from the featured "green" lenses. Automatic flagging for lenses that don't meet Squidoo quality guidelines.
  • Blue "best-of" lens will be a background designation on your dashboard. Squidoo gives an indication of which pages it considers high quality examples.
  • Quests are challenges that Squidoo produces to help lensmasters create pages that are in season, read guides to improve lenses, or other types of writing prompts. Participation can result in points given for the Monster game.
  • Monsters are a way to introduce gaming into the system, encouragement for accomplishing things, participating in the community, etc. The feature can be turned off, but it is fun.