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Monday, December 12, 2011

Celebrating Christmas on Squidoo

With quests and the fact that this is the holiday I love the most, of all the holidays in the year, quite a few Christmas lenses have been published.

Here is the list so far:
  1. Advent Traditions
  2. Grandma Moses Holiday Paintings
  3. Best Christmas Cookies
  4. Christmas Dinner Menu
  5. Christmas Gifts for Gardeners
  6. Christmas Spice Cookies
  7. Stocking Stuffers
  8. Christmas cups and mugs
  9. Christmas Lensography Index
  10. Christmas Teddy Bears
  11. Gingerbread Theme Decor
  12. Christmas Trees
  13. Deck the Halls
  14. Knit Christmas Sweaters
  15. Christmas Gifts for Her
  16. Holiday Yoga Gifts
  17. Christmas Inspiration
  18. Christmas Roast Turkey
That seems like quite a list already! Enough to keep readers busy for awhile.