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Saturday, July 5, 2014

WIP Lenses Are Getting Troublesome

wip lenses have entered the red zone

A Product Review

I think I am making headway, and then a fresh crop are sent into WIP Limbo.

 A lens that has been dropped into this no mans land more than once is a review on Garnier BB Cream. It was written in the new format as a response to the collation lenses that are meant to elicit reviews. It is a personal story of my history in using and comparing this product with others of this type.

Perhaps such product reviews are no longer welcome?  I shared it on social media to see if that helped.

Old Style Lens

An old style lens on the topic of "Bird Baths" dropped into the red zone, so I added content in the form of a personal story/view. I am not a gifted story teller and this form of writing is quite a challenge for me.

I'll see if practice helps, otherwise I am not sure how well I will do on Squidoo. I hope I'm not an old dog who can't learn to jump through the hoops properly!

Read the updated Bird Bath Info page.

Another New Format Product Review

I am not sure whether it is this format that has problems staying alive or there are other problems, but the Advent candles and my story of our family's Advent log celebration also dropped deeply into the red zone with very low rankings. 

Could it be some other factor? Is it getting dinged? I have no real explanation for a personal story dropping off the chart like that. 

Read the Review of Root Taper Candles and see what you think. Comment if you find possible cause. Links to my Advent blog? Too many repeated words?

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