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Sunday, February 8, 2015

NOTICE Of Change

Squidoo sold its content holdings to Hubpages. Since August of 2014 all of "Ilona1" content was transferred to Hubpages under the user name "ilonagarden".

When the transfer of Squidoo hosted content was made, those who already had Hubpages accounts had to make new ones for their Squidoo content. Sometimes their user names were available, sometimes not. In my case I needed to revert to one of the other names by which I am known online: "ilonagarden". I don't have straightforward branding which keeps the identities inline, and wish that these choices had been made in a linear style... but that is the breaks.

All the lenses have a new place as hubs if they were acceptable in the new format and rules, otherwise I had to move them to one of my websites or delete them.

Most made the cut, however everyone's lenses had huge updating changes to make. Hubs are very different in look, purpose, and restricted in amounts of products allowed on the page.

As of this writing in 2015 I still have not completely updated all the old lenses. It has taken tremendous hours of time, efforts in rewriting and learning to adapt to a new system.

It is successful in tightening up the writing, in reducing the amount of ads, in keeping steady with online income. It is less successful in terms of community. Squidoo had the superior community system, feel and interaction.

Over all the move was a good one, and I am happy with the present results of it. Whether there will be a future for Hubpages or any online opportunity like it is still to be decided by future events, including the decisions that Google makes. Google has been the deciding factor in the success or fall of these writing sites.


I've learned to devote the lionshare of my time to developing my own sites instead of that of others, no matter how tempting the opportunities appear.

Often the chance to promotes one's work inside others sites is increasingly limited. The old internet which was based on sharing is dead. The new internet is strongly proprietary, so it is important to develop all one's own resources, graphics, video, writing, and webspace, as much as is possible.

See you on Hubpages, as ilonagarden

...or ilona1 ( the first account I started only months before the move.

Don't Forget To Visit Ilona1Hubber for all the new updates.

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