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Thursday, July 17, 2014


There is a helpful tutorial on getting your lenses out of WIP status, found in the HQ section.

After reading it again, I needed a refresher in light of so many of my lenses dropping off the chart, I find that the answer to my particular problem is largely a matter of letting lenses "go stale". They needed updating, refreshing, and re-publishing.

I personally am adding new content that is more along the lines of Squidoo story-telling style. Conservatively, with maybe one additional text module. Taking out unnecessary distractions, Amazon modules or products, etc. is a beginning of tightening some of these works in progress.

I am also considering a total rewrite and overhaul of a few articles that are mainly about me. Squidoo has completely changed since I wrote them and I have changed. It's time.

Christmas is understandably outside most of the searches and articles that people care about in the middle of summer, so I am not worried about that, yet it is the season to work on them and make things ready... the holidays always come on sooner than I expect!

So which are the newly refreshed, and republished? Today they are...
Fresh Summer Candle Scents
Christmas In July, Christmas All Year

My Deer Christmas Kitchen

My Deer Christmas Kitchen

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